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Updated HVAC Guidelines from the NYS-OMH

Posted by Price Industries on February 27, 2024 at 9:16 AM

A Look at Air Distribution and Patient Safety Standards

Patient care is constantly evolving, and these changes impact how we design spaces within psychiatric care facilities – including the components for air distribution systems. Patient health and safety is at the forefront of design considerations, but a challenge faced by many HVAC designers is a lack of guidance as to what types of air inlets and outlets should be installed in these unique spaces.

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How to Simplify Your Design Workflow

Posted by Price Industries on February 20, 2024 at 9:30 AM

Accessing Price Revit Content Is Now Easier Than Ever

To help simplify the design process for engineers and architects, Price has invested in supporting the way these designers already work. Many engineers and architects are now designing using Autodesk Revit software.

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Topics: GRD, Diffusers, Grilles, HVAC, Engineering, Design Engineering, Architecture, Software

Pressure Control in Critical Spaces

Posted by Antec Controls on January 30, 2024 at 9:00 AM

Understanding Volumetric Offset and Direct Pressure Control

Maintaining a pressure relationship between a target and reference space provides control over the direction of air leakage that occurs between the spaces. Controlling the direction of this “transfer air” helps to prevent the migration of unwanted particles, which can directly impact occupants and products in or near such spaces.

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People of Price: Steven Berg

Posted by Price Industries on January 2, 2024 at 9:00 AM

On Being a Jack-of-All-Trades and Finding a Home at Price

Price’s ever-growing team is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals from different backgrounds. We periodically profile a “person of Price” to give you a glimpse at the person behind all those emails or the voice at the end of the phone! This post: Steven Berg.

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Gerry Price Announced as 2024 IDEA Recipient

Posted by Price Industries on December 6, 2023 at 9:00 AM

Business Community Ready to Celebrate in May 2024

We are excited to share that Gerry Price, CEO and Chairman of Price Industries, has been announced as the 2024 International Distinguished Entrepreneur Award (IDEA) recipient.

This award, presented by the Associates of the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba, recognizes individuals who demonstrate global entrepreneurial excellence. Since its institution in 1984, IDEA has honored business executives who have achieved international success and have meaningfully contributed to the economy in Canada or abroad.

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At Price, when we say “the sky is the limit,” we actually mean it.

Our customers have come to count on a consistent and ever-increasing stream of new products and enhancements.  Price has a large team of experienced and talented engineers who are consistently working on breakthrough ideas.  We are not afraid to move into whole new product categories if we believe we have a contribution to make.

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