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ASHRAE Journal Publishes Price’s Research on Stratified Air Systems

Posted by Price Industries on December 6, 2022 at 9:00 AM
Price Industries

Study Looks at Displacement Ventilation’s Effect on Airborne Particulates

Stratified air systems are widely known for their ability to condition a variety of spaces in an energy-efficient way. Beyond providing energy savings, however, these systems can also improve indoor air quality.

In December 2022, ASHRAE Journal published Price’s research about how displacement ventilation impacts the concentration of airborne particulates and why this technology should be considered in building design.

Test setup at PRCN
A sneak peek into the research team's test setup at Price Research Center North (PRCN)

We invite you to return to the blog in the new year, where we’ll take you behind the scenes of the study – including the test setup, the researchers behind the research and what the findings mean for the HVAC community.

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