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The Price Engineer's HVAC Handbook Edition 2 Is Here!

Posted by Price Industries on November 14, 2023 at 9:24 AM
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The original intention of the Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook was to create a “polished compilation” of existing design guides and examples from the Price Catalog. In typical Price fashion, we dedicated more than 20,000 internal hours over the course of two years to create an industry-first reference guide on air distribution – complete with 1,350 pages and more than 3,000 illustrations.

Since the HVAC Handbook’s release in 2011, more than 36,000 physical copies have been distributed throughout the industry, with more than 80% of these being personalized with the owner’s name.

In 2016, we released a digital version of the HVAC Handbook after a survey of existing users indicated that 94% had a strong interest in accessing it electronically. And in 2019, we added online quizzes to each chapter, which readers could complete to earn PDH credits, with a total of 66.5 available at the time.

Cover reveal of HVAC Handbook Edition 2

We are excited to announce that the new and improved second edition of the HVAC Handbook is now available!

The driving force for updating the HVAC Handbook was twofold – the Price product offering has greatly evolved in the last decade, and industry standards and design trends have advanced. Before starting the process, we reached out to multiple reps, customers and others in the industry to solicit their feedback on the HVAC Handbook’s usage and features, which we then used to help determine key elements of the new edition.

Here’s what readers can expect of the updated version:

  • New content and feature chapters, including those for air mixing, air purification and lab controls
  • Updated industry test standards and design trends
  • More than 100 design examples with fully derived equations
  • Improved imagery and diagrams, with more than 1,000 color illustrations
  • Revised digital format with active links to external content, and QR codes in the physical version that link to continually updated online resource page
  • More than 100 PDH credits available

Laptop with digital version of Handbook beside physical version of Handbook

The Price team devoted more than a year to updating the entire HVAC Handbook. This project has truly been a team effort, and we are all excited to see how this invaluable industry tool will be used for many years to come. The HVAC Handbook is ready to order today – reach out to your local Price representative or visit our website to request your copy!

Earn PDH credits for reading the Handbook

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