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The Modern-Day Fan Coil

Posted by Braydon Whittington on July 11, 2023 at 9:00 AM
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An Energy-Efficient Way to Enhance Individual Zone Control and Thermal Comfort

The HVAC industry’s evolving demand for energy-efficient systems has created opportunities for the development of new solutions and the innovation of existing designs. This includes the Horizontal Low-Profile Fan Coil (FCH): the modern-day fan coil for enhancing individual zone control and thermal comfort.

Hotel room with FCH installed
The FCH is ideal for spaces requiring occupant-driven control, such as hotel rooms

These units are generally utilized in low-pressure applications where they will be located within or adjacent to the space, providing both a quiet and comfortable experience for the occupants. Their compact design (with a height of less than 12 inches) and reliance on hydronics for addressing thermal loads reduce the amount of ductwork and the plenum height required in a system. This makes them ideal for spaces such as hotels, apartments, office buildings and anywhere occupant-driven zone control is required.

These units are available in a variety of configurations – including those for exposed, plenum and free-return applications – to allow for an array of features and options. This gives the HVAC engineer flexibility when meeting the demands of a space and the overall system.

Price's FCHE Price's FCHP Price's FCHC
The FCH is available in different configurations, including the FCHE (left), the FCHP (center) and the FCHC (right)

The ideal fan coil of today addresses the needs of the zone in an energy-efficient manner. One major feature is the pairing of high-efficiency blowers with EC motor technology, which allows for a spectrum of coil configurations to support chilled- and hot-water sources, high-efficiency filters and sequencing options. These optimized motors can be selected with three-speed and modulating sequencing to best suit the application requirements. This motor-blower combination also allows for a significant turndown of the fan speed. Since the system will not always be operating at design-day conditions, the combination of reduced power consumption from the EC motors and reduced fan operating speed can enhance the variable cost savings of a system.

Because these units can be used in both series and parallel ventilation systems, they can also meet the industry’s increasingly strict indoor air quality requirements with different filter options. MERV 8 and MERV 13 filters in various thicknesses are available to suit most project requirements. The thicker two-inch filters reduce static-pressure requirements and, in turn, positively impact achievable airflows, occupied-space sound levels and power consumption.

Initial resistance versus filter face velocity graph FCHE with opening revealing filter
The FCH is available with different filter options, with the two-inch filter striking an optimal balance between static-pressure requirements and achievable airflows

Further, factory-mounted piping packages can be integrated into the different piping configurations on these low-profile units. These packages ensure the jobsite is commissioned quickly and efficiently as all piping packages go through leak testing and stringent quality-assurance checks prior to leaving the factory. This allows for significant cost and time savings on any project. The best temperature control for any application is available, with options for two-position and modulating temperature-control valves for either two- or three-way configurations.

FCH with two-way valve piping package
Factory-mounted piping packages, like the two-way valve option pictured here, save time and money on the jobsite

For more information about how the FCH can be used in your next project, reach out to your local price representative or email us at

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