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Accentuate and Integrate with Linear Slot Diffusers

Posted by Price Industries on February 1, 2022 at 9:01 AM
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Air distribution is a necessary part of any well-designed indoor space. The HVAC system is used not only to provide heating and cooling in our buildings but also as a source of fresh, clean air. In the case of highly architectural spaces, how can air distribution be effectively integrated into the built environment without negatively impacting the overall appearance and feel of the architectural design?

Hotel lobby with linear slot diffuser installed in bulkhead above reception desk
One-slot CF Custom Flow linear slot diffuser with a mud-in frame, installed in the bulkhead of a hotel lobby

Continuous lengths of linear slot diffusers integrate overhead mixed air distribution into highly architectural spaces by blending into and accentuating architectural features, providing excellent indoor air quality without sacrificing the aesthetics of the space.

Long, continuous slots that can deliver high volumes of air, with long throws and low sound levels, are ideal for large spaces.

Slot diffuser with air coming from the entire length of the diffuser
The entire length of the slot diffuser can be used to deliver large volumes of air

For spaces with smaller loads, however, it is not necessary to have the entire linear slot diffuser active. The appearance of the diffuser can remain continuous by making sections of the slot diffuser inactive, reducing air volumes significantly without impacting performance and room air motion – both critical to a well-ventilated space.

Slot diffuser with air coming from selected sections of the diffuser
Where smaller loads are required, sections of the slot diffuser can be made inactive

Adding return-air inlets to architectural spaces can be equally challenging. Long, continuous lengths of linear slot diffusers can provide an elegant solution for return-air inlets by locating them in inactive sections of the diffuser, between the supply-air outlets. With the high-velocity supply air directed away from the diffuser, this approach is ideal for minimizing short-circuiting of the supply air and producing good room air motion while blending the diffuser seamlessly into the space.

A slot diffuser with selected sections active and inactive sections being used as return-air inlets
Inactive sections can be used as return-air inlets, shown in red

Linear slot diffusers can be provided with inactive mitered sections to maintain the appearance of a continuous slot in spaces where the architectural feature includes corners or angles.

Slot diffuser with mitered corners in a boardroom
One-slot CF Custom Flow diffuser with a mud-in frame and mitered corners, installed in a bulkhead above boardroom windows

Linear slot diffusers can also be curved to match the profile of features within the space.

A bright shopping mall atrium showing a curved slot diffuser
One-slot CF Custom Flow diffuser with a mud-in frame, curved to follow the opening to an atrium

A slot diffuser can be made up of several smaller curved pieces with various radii to follow complex curves with a changing radius and that switch direction.

A slot diffuser with an exposed frame above curved office windows
One-slot CF Custom Flow diffuser with an exposed frame, following the complex curved profile of windows in an office vestibule

Additionally, linear slot diffusers can be placed on vertical surfaces so they project out into the occupied space. Some linear slot diffusers can be curved to match a convex vertical surface.

One-slot CF Custom Flow diffuser with a mud-in frame, matching the convex curve of the second-floor balcony

Similarly, linear slot diffusers can be installed on concave surfaces.

Two-slot CF Custom Flow diffuser with a mud-in frame, installed on a vertical surface with a concave curve

Architectural slot diffusers are a versatile and effective way to integrate overhead mixed air distribution into any space. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we continue to explore linear diffusers and how they can accentuate and integrate into architectural features. For more information on Custom Flow diffusers and how they can be integrated into your project, contact the GRD team at

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